Samuel Taylor

Samuel uses a life poem of how a sailor goes or what journey they have to go through and what experiences they have to face or what danger they have to do say or think. He also uses he’s language as if he’s from the olden time like the 16 0r 17s and he sounds like he’s one of those story tellers that sounds a bit weird or crazy. For me it sounds like he wanted people from the future will understand how things was for them in their time. For example in this time it is pronounced as “rhyme” bit in the poem time is pronounced as “Rim” and other meanings for different words like “thy” means you or like “He who goes there will die” he in a different way meant whoever goes there will die. Also Samuel speaks like as if he read his or someone’s dairy or so other written book. Samuel explains what he sees or what he’s doing for example in one part of the story he says what he did to the albatross but at the same says it as a secrete or a mystery  because  he didn’t explain why shoot the  albatross and wanted us to make it nerve racking because everyone will be like “why did he shoot the albatross” or “why is this just happening to him? Is it because he shot the albatross? HOW IS HE SEEING ZOMBIES AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He is also telling the poem at two places at the same time because he is telling the story of the ancient mariner but also the ancient mariner is telling the wedding guests. Because at first before the ancient mariner is on a boat where there is wedding but he makes things a bit scary and like I said nerve racking. I also like the way Samuel started the story smooth and calm like stormy seas which is usually normal on a sailing ship but then in the middle it goes all super natural and out of hand which is really what people like sand the story gets scary with sea spirits, dead skeleton woman, and zombies and so on. But I now the story is fake but some parts can be true like surviving without food or water for 7 days (a week). But the part of the zombies is Fake and the skeleton women are just imagination and just to make you scared and now day’s people like to be scared by watching scary movies and reading scary books and so on. But thing I really like about this poem is because it has a lot of drama and tension of how the describe their expiration, what can they see and what is their facial expiration. I like the way he said that the ancient mariner had a glistering eye which meant that he could not stop looking at the dead bodies or zombies. Another thing I like about this poem is that when you start reading the poem you can’t stop and you want to go on and on and so on. It sounds so much like an adventure that you want to go on and it sounds like you are actually in the poem, in the scene and that you’re experiencing yourself what is going on and what is happening around you. At the beginning of the story it’s like all boring and first you’re like “Aww I don’t want to read this I prefer to read this other book or poem.” But when you get in to it you’ll be like “Wow this poem or book is awesome.” If your teacher says I you want to read this or the ancient mariner everyone is going to say “THE ANCIENT MARINER!!!!!” Well I’m done for now thank you for reading this goodbye.

BY: Jean Paul



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